New Update Released!

New Update Released!

New features

  • Windows: Allow adding of books to calibre from directories whose path length is larger than 260 characters

  • Tag browser: Add an option in Preferences->Look & feel->Tag browser to allow the tag browser to get keyboard focus

  • Tag browser: Allow editing the set of permissible values and colors for a custom column with fixed values, by right clicking on it.

  • Edit metadata dialog: Make most custom metadata controls use only a single line. Elide the names of custom columns that are longer than a fixed width, instead of using multiple lines.Configurable via Preferences->Tweaks->Edit metadata custom column label length

  • Edit book: Remove unused CSS: Add an option to merge CSS rules that have identical properties

  • Book details window: Double clicking on the cover now shows it in the default system image viewer.

  • News download: Allow passing username/password in feed URLs.

  • Open with: Allow renaming Open with applications.